Recent changes to this wiki:

use https:// instead of http:// for many links on the website.
point to my blog instead of an outdated and unmaintained wiki
updated archive signing key with more recent self-sig
fix checksum for monkeysphere 0.44
I screwed up the release process for 0.44, and accidentally produced a
signature over a slightly different tarball (in commit
b9b40ce1eb2f1a8c8092f15b13d486f1342d0a7b on the main monkeysphere repo
you can see my patches to the release process, which wasn't working
quite right).
This fix corrects that value.
prepare 0.44 release
prepare 0.43 release
prepare 0.42 release
fix URL for monkeysign git repo
update fedora to use dnf instead of yum
announce 0.41 release
release 2.2
announce 0.40 release
new monkeysign release
fix links
fix typo
announce 2.1.2
fix broken link
publish monkeysign 2.1.0
fix link
use the real name of the service
redirect fails, add some meat so users manually follow
fix typo
website was merged into README file, point to gitlab for now
releasing 0.39
make Bugs page point to modern information.
using https links where possible
(website/gentoo.mdwn) Update layman information for msva-perl and xul
The layman repository referenced was converted from mercurial to git
and no longer needs special use flag to use, in addition to URL change
for link reference.
Update docs to reflect the change of tracker to
update OpenPGP certificate on website with updated expiration signature
only publish sha256 digests; sign with monkeysphere archive key by fpr, not short keyid
prepare 2.0.2 monkeysign release
modernized another authorizedkeysfile reference
document raw authorized keys settings in config file
adjust docs regarding sshd AuthorizedKeyFiles
announce monkeysign 2.0.1
announce monkeysign 2.0.0
announce monkeysign 1.2
prepare to announce monkeysphere 0.37 release
Update download information for Gentoo
moved the mkbuild info to a historical note
a bit more cleanup about slackware
Updated the monkeysphere.SlackBuild link
add 'i do not have monkeysphere deployed' use case
remove apt-get install, it needs to be ran for everything on that page
besides, it should have been sudo apt-get install and so was bringing confusion
clarify that users can modify their own keys
split setup and regular tasks in ssh admin config, mention cron
distinguish the steps needed for first user setup and regular usage
monkeysphere has an official arch release, as does monkeysign
monkeysphere is in debian stable now :)
english cleanup
Update gentoo install description
Update gentoo page after monkeysphere has been included in the main portage tree
Update gitolite link in doc
remove unavailable google docs link, author indicated they did not wish to publish it some other place public
reference bug for getting monkeysphere into the main tree
updated gentoo notes about kristian's overlay.
Add reference to bitbucket repo
update-users at the right moment, once we configured monkeysign-authentication
don't append the authorized key at the end of file, it will fail
clarify certification procedure
fix multiple AuthorizedKeysFile detection
fix instructions to allow for multiple key files in OpenSSH 6.x
add missing link for APG
add similar projects
announce monkeysign 1.1
report about the xul-ext
announce msva-perl 0.9.2
make the dependencies copy-pasteable
monkeysign: make a clearer install section, fix example
monkeysign: link to the bug list
mention monkeysign
mention monkeysign
monkeysign is in ubuntu
mention tarballs
monkeysign: fix bug reporting guidelines
monkeysign: mention tarballs from debian, fix install instructions to include sudo
remove comment about the new queue, package is now in debian
update for new binaries names
announce monkeysign 1.0
refactor installing
show the right headers
add a feature breakdown, revert the title thing
make a toc and a real title
announce monkeysign 0.9
fix hostname→servicename for monkeysphere-host (thanks to hawke for spotting it!)
refer to parcimonie as suggested by kardan
monkeysign: basic usage instructions
explain people how to file bugs against monkeysign
fix busted download page.
release notes for 0.36
clarify that we don't trash the existing authorized_keys config
add the last bit to the quick start: authentifying users
clarify what different sections are about
add toc, be specific this is for SSH
add a quick start for SSH
we also link to it from the frontpage instead of the 'why' page, which has the privilege of being on top
make this look better on the website
mention msign-cli, remove pre-release, announce NEW
rephrase, fix typos in latest announce
announce monkeysign 0.7