msva-perl 0.5 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * If ${MSVA_KEYSERVER} is unset or blank, default to using keyserver
    from ${GNUPGHOME}/gpg.conf if that file exists. (addresses MS #2080)
  * Under Linux, report details about the requesting process if we can
    learn them from /proc (closes MS #2005)
  * Conditionally rely on Gtk2 perl module -- no marginal UI without it,
    but you can also install the MSVA now without needing to pull in a
    bunch of Gtk libs (closes MS #2514)
  * Sending a SIGHUP to the running server now re-execs it cleanly,
    keeping the same port assignments and monitoring the same child
    process.  This can be used to upgrade running msva instances after a
    package update (closes MS #2532)

Download it now!