msva-perl 0.6 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * Add new element to JSON syntax allowing request to override
    keyserver_policy (closes MS #2542)
  * Do not kill off child handling processes on HUP -- let them finish
    their queries.
  * Refactor logging code
  * If we have Gtk2, Linux::Inotify2, and AnyEvent, we should monitor for
    updates and prompt the user when we notice one. (closes MS #2540)
  * Added tests/basic, as a simple test of a few functions (closes MS #2537)
  * fixed double-prompting on sites that have more than one User ID
    (closes MS #2567)
  * report server implementation name and version with every query (closes
    MS #2564)
  * support x509pem, opensshpubkey, and rfc4716 PKC formats in addition to
    x509der (addresses MS #2566)
  * add new peer type categorization (closes MS #2568) -- peers of type
    client can have much more flexible names than regular hostnames we
    look for for servers.

Download it now!