msva-perl 0.8 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * Minor bugfix release!
  * Avoid indirect object creation (thanks to intrigeri for pointing this out).
  * Bug fix for unused option provided to gpgkeys_hkpms.
  * Allow use of hkpms keyservers from gpg.conf
  * Allow the use of ports in hostnames (closes MS # 2665)
  * Do not report self-sigs as other certifiers (but report valid,
    non-matching identities independently) (closes MS # 2569)
  * List certifiers only once (closes MS # 2573)
  * Enable the use of --keyserver-options http-proxy for gpgkeys_hkpms
    (includes support for socks proxies) (closes MS # 2677)

Download it now!