msva-perl 0.9 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  [ Jameson Rollins ]
  * Add "e-mail" context (checks for signing capability instead of
    authentication) (closes MS #2688)
  * Add "openpgp4fpr" pkc type for providing OpenPGP v4 fingerprint
  * Add --version option to msva-query-agent

  [ David Bremner ]
  * Code refactoring:
   - Crypt::Monkeysphere::MSVA::Logger into Crypt::Monkeysphere::Logger
   - new Crypt::Monkeysphere::Validator
   - unit tests and unit test harness

  [ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]
  * Now depending on Crypt::X509 0.50 for pubkey components directly.
  * Crypt::Monkeysphere::OpenPGP for helper functions in
    packet generation and parsing.
  * Parse and make use of X.509 PGPExtension if present in X.509 public
    key carrier.
  * Fix HUP server restart when used with Net::Server >= 0.99
  * Crypt::Monkeysphere::Keytrans has the start of some key/certificate
    conversion routines.
  * Fix socket detection when used with Net::Server >= 2.00, which
    can bind to multiple sockets
  * depend on Net::Server >= 2.00
  * change launcher approach -- daemon is now child process, so that
    daemon failures won't kill X11 session
  * scanning and prompting for changes is now optional (defaults to off)

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