Monkeysphere 0.16-1 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  [ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]
  * replaced "#!/bin/bash" with "#!/usr/bin/env bash" for better
  * fixed busted lockfile arrangement, where empty file was being locked
  * portability fixes in the way we use date, mktemp, hostname, su
  * stop using /usr/bin/stat, since the syntax appears to be totally
  * require GNU getopt, and test for getopt failures (look for getopt in
    /usr/local/bin first, since that's where FreeBSD's GNU-compatible
    getopt lives.
  * monkeysphere-server diagnostics now counts problems and suggests a
    re-run after they have been resolved.
  * completed basic test suite: this can be run from the git sources or
    the tarball with: cd tests && ./basic

  [ Jameson Graef Rollins ]
  * Genericize fs location variables.
  * break out gpg.conf files into SYSCONFIGDIR, and not auto-generated at

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