Monkeysphere 0.22-1 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * New upstream release:
  [ Jameson Graef Rollins ]

    - added info log output when a new key is added to known_hosts file.
    - added some useful output to the ssh-proxycommand for "marginal"
      cases where keys are found for host but do not have full validity.
    - force ssh-keygen to read from stdin to get ssh key fingerprint.

  [ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]

    - automatically output two copies of the host's public key: one
    standard ssh public key file, and the other a minimal OpenPGP key with
    just the latest valid self-sig.
    - debian/control: corrected alternate dependency from procfile to
    procmail (which provides /usr/bin/lockfile)

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