Monkeysphere 0.23-1 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  "The Golden Bezoar Release"

  * New upstream release.
  * rearchitect UI:
    - replace monkeysphere-server with monkeysphere-{authentication,host}
    - fold monkeysphere-ssh-proxycommand into /usr/bin/monkeysphere

  * new ability to import existing ssh host key into monkeysphere.  So now
    m-a import-key replaces m-s gen-key.
  * provide pem2openpgp for translating unencrypted PEM-encoded raw key
    material into OpenPGP keys (introduces new perl dependencies)
  * get rid of getopts dependency
  * added version output option
  * better checks for the existence of a host private key for
    monkeysphere-host subcommands that need it.
  * better checks on validity of existing authentication subkeys when
    doing monkeysphere gen_subkey.
  * add transition infrastructure for major changes between releases (see
  * implement and document two new monkeysphere-host subcommands:
    revoke-key and add-revoker

Download it now!