Monkeysphere 0.24-1 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * New upstream release:
    - fixed how version information is stored/retrieved
    - now uses perl-based keytrans for both pem2openpgp and openpgp2ssh
    - no longer needs base64 in PATH
    - added "test" make target
    - improved transitions/0.23 script so it no longer fails in common
      circumstances (Closes: #517779)
    - RSA only: no longer handles DSA keys
    - added ability to specify subkeys to add to ssh agent with
      new MONKEYSPHERE_SUBKEYS_FOR_AGENT environment variable
  * update/cleanup maintainer scripts
  * remove GnuTLS dependency
  * remove versioned coreutils | base64 dependency
  * added Build-Deps for dh_autotest
  * switch to Architecture: all
  * added cron to Recommends

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