Monkeysphere 0.25-1 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * New upstream release:
    - update/fix the marginal ui output
    - use msmktempdir everywhere (avoid unwrapped calls to mktemp for
    - clean out some redundant "cat"s
    - fix monkeysphere update-known_hosts for sshd running on non-standard
    - add 'sshfpr' subcommand to output the ssh fingerprint of a gpg key
    - pem2openpgp now generates self-sigs over SHA-256 instead of SHA-1
       (changes dependency to libdigest-sha-perl)
    - some portability improvements
    - properly handle translation of keys with fingerprints with leading
      all-zero bytes.
    - resolve symlinks when checking paths (thanks Silvio Rhatto)
      (closes MS #917)
    - explicitly set and use MONKEYSPHERE_GROUP from system "groups"
      (closes: #534008)
    - monkeysphere-host now uses keytrans to add and revoke hostname
      (closes MS #422)
  * update Standard-Version to 3.8.2 (no changes needed)

Download it now!