Monkeysphere 0.29 has been released.

Notes from the changelog:

  * This is mainly a bugfix release
  * Fix man page typo about monkeysphere authorized_keys location
  * Monkeysphere should work properly even if the user has "armor" in
    their gpg.conf (closes MS #1625)
  * monkeysphere keys-for-userid now respects MONKEYSPHERE_CHECK_KEYSERVER
    environment variable (and defaults to true)
  * introduce monkeysphere sshfprs-for-userid (deprecates sshfpr), closes
    MS #1436
  * respect CHECK_KEYSERVER in more places (closes MS #1997)
  * warn on keyserver failures for monkeysphere-authentication (closes MS
  * avoid checking trustdb for monkeysphere-host (closes MS #1957)
  * allow monkeysphere-authentication to use hkps with trusted X.509 root
    certificate authorities in

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